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Saving Lives Trumps All Else

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000484538.71419.88


    Josh Riley, LPC, NCC, was quoted in a recent article saying the physician's most important role “is to be culturally sensitive.” (“Chemsex: A Bad Combination of Drugs and Sex,” EMN 2016;38[4]:1;

    I would say the physicians' and nurses' most important role is to save the patient's life. Not annoying them could be the cherry on top.

    Also, in reference to Dr. Alex Mohseni's article: Instead of a dream app that gives plaintiffs' lawyers more goodies to sift through, why not have a person responsible for making sure orders are carried out? (DocAPProvED: “The Most Solvable Cause of Medical Error,” EMN 2016;38[4]:19; It shouldn't be the highest-paid person in the ED (doesn't require an MD or RN) or a computer.

    If the nurses can't get an IV and don't want to interrupt your code or conversation with the cardiologist about where to find the best snow this ski season, Post-it notes work great. Another computer program that doesn't work at all when I forget or break my phone would be another distraction or interruption.

    Sam Herring, MD

    Birmingham, AL

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