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Let the Patient Scoring Begin

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000484533.63795.c3


    It is well past time that a new metric be introduced to the patient care matrix. For those of us who have had to deal with the Sword of Damocles, aka Press Ganey scoring (or its many Satanic spawn), I suggest emergency physicians be allowed to score patients accordingly. I would tentatively call this the Inverse Press Ganey Score.

    Was the patient polite, courteous, truthful, and grateful for care provided in the ED? If yes, let's give that rare patient a series of 10s and record it in the permanent record alongside his demographic information to be forever archived for the benefit of future emergency physicians.

    Was the patient rude, confrontational, deceitful, even threatening? Let this also be recorded.

    Have a meeting with the CEO monthly if only to inform him that not all patients have the high ground in any discussion of quality of care. Most CEOs I have met were at some point in their MBA degree studies indoctrinated to the belief that the Macy's business model is the only one extant, namely, “The customer is always right.” This quaint notion would be rightly dismissed by every emergency physician after his first shift.

    Let the scoring begin.

    J.A. McErlean, MD

    Farmington Hills, MI

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