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DocAPProvED: A ‘Knack’ for Finding Solutions

Mohseni, Alex MD

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000481776.02321.95

Dr. Mohseniis an emergency physician in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and the chief innovation officer of Emergency Medicine Associates. He is the editor of his own blog, Follow him @amohseni, and read his past columns at





My new favorite application, one that can serve a variety of functions for different people and organizations, is Knack (, an easy cloud database solution. Before your eyes roll out of your head, let me explain why and how you could use it.

We ED providers and our support staff were feeling frustrated with our CME expense solution, and the only answer we had (which shall remain unnamed) was frustrating, annoying, and expensive. So, we built a program using Knack that fit our needs perfectly. It took about one week to build and another three weeks to test, iron out bugs, and add some cool features. Not only is Knack much cheaper (only $79/month for the Pro version), but so far our providers love the ease and simplicity of the new system. Additionally, we can tweak it ourselves without any need for programmers.

You could also use Knack to manage all of your providers' CME credits, to help make re-credentialing easier, and to allow each provider to post and retrieve all of his CME credits without any back-office support. Knack also has built-in reporting and charting functions, which makes it an awesome tool for building your own dashboards (for your department or your entire organization). It also boasts built-in modules for user accounts and logins (which can be tricky to develop yourself), as well as a payment module, allowing you to charge a fee for access to certain parts of your database.

Knack can be a useful tool to help your organization function better whether you are an ED director or an entrepreneur.

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