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I'm Really the Doctor, Too

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000480778.24266.e4


    I want to thank Dr. Sandra Scott Simons for her wonderful, funny, and true article. (ER Goddess: “Yes, I'm Really the Doctor,” EMN 2015;37[12]:8; As a new attending, I was called into my director's office after a patient complained she had never seen the doctor.

    “But she really liked her nurses, so it's kind of a compliment, right?” I said. Not so much in his opinion, though. I was advised to wear the white coat from then on. Despite wearing my lab coat since and introducing myself as the doctor every single time I enter a patient's room, I am routinely identified as a nurse. When it finally registers that I am the doctor, I am questioned about my training and how long I've been practicing. The silver lining is the occasional 90-year-old lady who pats my hand, and says, “Good for you, girlie.”

    Alison Davis, MD

    Rutland, VT

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