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Earn CME for What You're Already Doing

Mohseni, Alex MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000480790.30997.f3

    Emergency physicians are mavens of efficiency and abhor redundancy, so of course they will appreciate labor-saving ways to earn CME credits while doing things they are doing already.

    Readers of my column know that the single most useful mobile app that I recommend for EPs and advanced practice providers is PEPID. It houses almost everything you would ever need to reference in the day-to-day practice of emergency medicine: drug doses, drug calculations for pediatrics, protocols, pill identifier, drug interactions, medical calculators, and more. PEPID is the only resource I use on every shift.

    Now, PEPID is even better. You can now earn CME credits automatically while you are doing your daily searches using the app. CME credits accumulate and can be exported automatically to ACEP's CME tracker. You must pay an extra $169 a year to earn CME, which is a fantastic deal if you consider the value of your time.

    This is a great second resource for something you're already doing, especially if your institution doesn't pay for CME through UpToDate Online, which is $499 per year for a one-year subscription.

    My final recommendation is to earn CME while traveling. The most flexible option I have found is American Seminars Institute (, which allows you to earn CME by reading or listening anywhere. If you're planning a trip somewhere already, why not earn CME while you're at it?

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