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The Platform to Connect All Platforms

Mohseni, Alex MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000472665.92747.b9

    I love tools that make it easier for us to access, analyze, and share data. Blockspring makes spreadsheets immensely more powerful by easily connecting them to live data from the web, and is a free add-on for Excel on Windows and Google Sheets.

    Blockspring is the platform that allows your spreadsheet to connect with web services to pull live data into it and perform advanced functions. Here are some examples of what you can do with it:

    Sentiment analysis of patient feedback. Imagine you have a large spreadsheet of feedback from patients that includes actual written sentences. With Blockspring, you could add a column that automatically calculates a sentiment analysis of each row.

    Analysis of where to develop an urgent care or retail clinic site. Say you have a list of 30 addresses where you could develop a new medical center. With Blockspring, you could automatically pull in a Google street view image for each address into your spreadsheet, and link to crime and demographic data for each address automatically.

    Mass produce provider feedback. You have a list of 100 providers and their individual productivity and patient satisfaction scores. Blockspring lets you automate the process of creating a mail-merge type document that provides a separate custom letter in PDF format to each provider with his specific data.

    Clean up patient billing data. Let's say you have a spreadsheet of patient billing data and all the data elements are in one field. In a multistep process with Blockspring, you can separate the data into discrete data elements (e.g., separate an address into separate street, city, and zip code fields) and then also analyze the address to find addresses that are partial or ambiguous and fix them.

    The above are just some basic examples of the power of Blockspring. You will find that it can do much more and help you be a spreadsheet power user.

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