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Doc APProvED: The App to Create All Other Apps

Mohseni, Alex MD

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000464082.66485.74
Doc APProvED

Dr. Mohseniis an emergency physician in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and the chief innovation officer of Emergency Medicine Associates. He is the editor of his own blog, Follow him @amohseni, and read his past columns at





The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in emergency medicine providers, many of who dream of creating their own mobile apps to solve this or that problem. But many providers don't have the technical skill to build their own apps or know how to outsource app development successfully.

I want to introduce those of you who fit this mold to an app development ecosystem called Appery makes it easy for non-programmers to create web apps and native apps for iOS and Android. Any app development usually has several common stages: design and development of the front-end user interface, design and development of back-end services such as databases, and then the instructions for the application logic. Appery combines all of these different elements into one easy-to-use platform using mostly drag and drop connectivity.

Having back-end services directly integrated into the app development platform is actually a big deal and really awesome. Let's say you want to create a new medication dosing application. You'd need a database to hold all of the different drug names, concentrations, and doses. Appery makes it easy not only to set up the database, but also to access and manipulate the data from within your application.

Some basic knowledge of JavaScript and APIs is very helpful to get the most out of Appery. JavaScript is used to customize the application logic. Let's say you need to do a dosing calculation that involves math. That math would be done in JavaScript, and you can learn those basics in one afternoon by going through's fantastic JavaScript lectures. (

Appery is such a powerful tool for streamlined app development that many programmers use it in hackathons, and I highly recommend it to all of you budding entrepreneurs out there.

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