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Letter to the Editor: ‘Figure 1’ App Fascinating

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000450858.38464.4d
Letter to the Editor


Medical zebras are fascinating to everyone, health care worker and lay person alike. I think many of these cases are hidden behind black and white text, and the true colors never quite shine through.

This ingenious idea to create a forum for posting these photographic rarities is invaluable to the medical community. ('Instagram for Doctors,” EMN 2014;36[4]:22; It will sharpen clinical identification skills and spark the curiosities of possibly burned out providers. I know that I, as a nursing student, rely heavily on pictures and hands-on clinical experience to really know a disease or condition. For those maladies that occur very rarely, documentation will help the next provider identify it more quickly.

I also appreciate the multiple safeguards in the Figure 1 app to protect privacy and the moderators assigned to monitor the conversations. I wholeheartedly support this app, and will be sharing it with my fellow providers!

Margeaux L. Marquiss

San Francisco

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