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Doc APProvED: ‘Instagram for Doctors’

Mohseni, Alex MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000446061.28899.4a
    This photo is typical of those appearing in the emergency medicine section of Figure 1.

    Learning by example and learning from our peers is not only more fun and compelling for most of us but also more effective than reading articles. Figure 1 is a new social learning app that takes advantage of this phenomenon, turning it into what some call “Instagram for Doctors.” It allows physicians to share photos of interesting cases and engage fellow physicians in detailed discussions about those cases.

    Figure 1 has a beautifully designed interface, and it allows easy uploading of de-identified clinical images of all types. You can then attach a brief description or question, along with tags to help classify the picture appropriately. Fellow physicians can then ask questions and make comments, and the original author of the picture can respond and provide follow-up information regarding the case as well.

    What results is a really fascinating compendium of medical zebras and war stories with questions, insights, and discussions that are often informative, occasionally entertaining, and sometimes alarming. You may be unnerved by other physicians' inability to interpret basic radiological films or a bit apprehensive because a dissection case seems eerily similar to the guy you just discharged home. Any lay audience browsing this app would be taken aback by the realization that so much uncertainty and variation exists in clinical assessments. But Figure 1 is interesting, educational, fun, and authentic.

    The app, free in the App Store and on Google Play, has plenty of built-in tools to satisfy patient privacy concerns, and even has moderators to monitor postings and discussions. It is free and comes highly recommended for all specialties.

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