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Doc APProvED: App to the Rescue of Medical Billing

Mohseni, Alex MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000440690.98398.ea

    Emergency medicine groups will need to be ready to deal with a dramatic increase in patient questions and complaints about having to pay expensive ED visit charges as them choose high-deductible health insurance plans. Patients' understanding and maneuvering through medical encounter bills is complicated enough as it is, but we often don't help the situation by having unnecessarily convoluted paper bills.

    To the rescue of medical practices everywhere is Simplee, a next generation of medical billing vendor that does more than just digitize your paper bills. Simplee creates beautiful, simple, and more comprehensive medical bills that communicate clearly not just what amount is owed, but also why that amount is owed given the context of the patient's insurance plan. Simplee connects with and pulls insurance company data so that the patient's deductible information can be included in the medical bill. This and their other innovations greatly reduce the number and duration of call center calls and complaints.

    Simplee sends a link for the bill to the patient by email or text. Patients click the link to access their bill online securely, and they can pay easily by credit card. Simplee also makes it easy to automate payment plans for your patients, and also has a mobile app that patients can use to aggregate all of their medical bills in one location.

    Any emergency physician involved in handling patient complaints knows that a great number of complaints often stem from billing, not necessarily from the medical care provided. I met two of their co-founders, Tomer Shoval and Roberto Rabinovich, and I am excited that so many incredible Silicon Valley startups are focused on health care. Simplee comes highly recommended for any medical practice that cares about its readiness for the next generation of health care customers.


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