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Doc APProvED: Without a Radiologist? This App's for You

Mohseni, Alex MD

Author Information
doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000437849.47292.4c

    “Am I going to need surgery?” your patient asks.

    “I have no idea. We have to talk to the orthopedist,” is your usual reply.

    If you often find yourself in this situation, RealWorld Orthopaedics is the app for you. It was developed for orthopedists, but I know many emergency physicians who love and rely on this app to hone their orthopedic skills. It consists of very detailed explanations of orthopedic injuries and conditions, with fantastic radiographic and anatomic images. The radiographic images are high-quality, high-resolution, and have annotations and highlights that can be turned on or off, making them useful for overnight shifts when you are sans radiologist.

    I am often frustrated by radiology teaching images that have vague annotations or arrows that seemingly point to nothing. I want to underscore how well the annotations and highlights are done in this app: colored lines show exactly where subtle fracture lines are hidden, and you can turn them on and off so that you can examine the native film. The app also has detailed physiology and management portions that provide just the right level of information so you can comfortably provide accurate prognostic information to your patients.

    Designed and developed by our Canadian neighbors up north, the interface is simple and well conceived. It's a bit pricey by today's app standards at $9.99, but the iOS-only app is well worth the cost and comes highly recommended for emergency physicians.

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