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Doc APProvED: All of Your Medical News and Information in an Intuitive, Organized Space

Mohseni, Alex MD

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Emergency Medicine News: July 2013 - Volume 35 - Issue 7 - p 9
doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000432266.56781.02
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    Feeling overwhelmed trying to stay current with medical news? Unable to organize your myriad medical apps? Omnio might be the right solution for you. Skyscape's recent free iPad-only app is a beautifully designed all-in-one solution for physicians, curating medical news based on your specialty and providing links to powerful medical databases.

    My favorite portion is the “Peers are Reading” section, a curated list of medical articles that I find pertinent to my interests and practice. Just add a “tag” to categorize an interesting article for easy finding again later. You can easily add an entire news site of frequent interest to your Omnio app home page.

    Other valuable free features include the “Outline in Clinical Medicine” series, a fabulous concise resource with all the pertinent information an ED provider requires, as well as searchable medical calculators and links to many guidelines and drug formularies. You can even search for the price of different prescriptions with every health insurance plan in your state. It also has a comprehensive store where medical textbooks and manuals can be purchased and accessed through the app.

    The drug interaction analyzer is surprisingly weak; it stated “no significant interaction” between Levaquin and Coumadin, an oversight that would garner at least a “?” if not a “??” annotation in chess. Thankfully, most of us have drug interactions automatically evaluated within our EMRs.

    This is the app if you want all of your medical news and information in one simple, intuitive, and organized space.


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