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Letter to the Editor: A Letter to Dr. Mullin

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000428259.47964.24


    I beg to differ with the opinion of Dr. Daniel Mullin on several points. (“A Letter from America to an Emergency Physician,” EMN 2012;35[1]:5;, in response to “A Letter to the Country from an Emergency Physician by Michael Jacobsen, DO, EMN eNews 2012 Nov 1; Residency training may be supported by the government, and I don't know about Dr. Mullin but in my residency, I worked 60+ hours a week providing value and service for my salary of less than $30,000. I didn't get any free ride.

    I did seek government help (food stamps) prior to residency while I was paying for training and living off loans, and I was denied because in addition to paying for a full-time training program (without subsidies), I had a part-time job that disqualified me. I guess I would have been better off not working and taking a handout.

    The job security Dr. Mullin falsely alleges doesn't exist in emergency medicine. Through bankruptcies and takeovers, I lost my ED position twice in the past five years. After a 28-year career in emergency medicine, I find myself unemployable from a malpractice suit and being locked out of taking the ABEM exams.

    I do agree that NPs and PAs will be in great demand with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I assume Dr. Mullin was speaking for the half of the United States that voted for big government and the entitlement state, not the half that seeks individual freedom and personal responsibility. He can take comfort in knowing how his ideology will pan out. Just look at Greece.

    My question to Dr. Mullin is, why is he so angry? He got what he voted for.

    Ken Cartaxo, MD Kinnelon, NJ

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