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Doc Approved: Intuitive, Easy-to-Use, Effective Broselow App

Mohseni, Alex MD

doi: 10.1097/
Doc Approved

Dr. Mohseniis an emergency physician in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and the counsel to the president for innovation and technology of Emergency Medicine Associates. He is the editor of his own blog, Creative Health Labs. (See FastLinks.)





It's 2 a.m., you're all alone in the ED, and you see the triage nurse carrying a dusky baby in her arms, screaming for help. You yell out your orders, and think that within seconds your nurses will administer the meds you've ordered. You try to maintain your composure in front of the parents as you see the nurses fumbling through books and medication inserts to figure out whether two meds are compatible with each other, and double-checking each other's math with audible signs of frustration. We've all been there.

James Broselow, MD, the creator of the eponymous tools on which we all rely for pediatric resuscitation, offers a solution for the dangerous morass that is medication administration. Dr. Broselow's website offers two important products for EDs: the web-based Artemis and its mobile application, SafeDose. (See FastLinks.)

SafeDose is a more advanced Broselow tape available for the iPhone and iPad. You can test it with SafeDoseFree or buy SafeDosePro for $19.99. It provides the right weight-based dosage, and calculates the volume to administer based on the concentration of the vial. The app also offers pertinent and concise information on medication warnings, preparation and administration, and adverse reactions, all vetted closely by the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group, a nonprofit health advocacy group. (See FastLinks.) Medications are categorized by topic such as resuscitation, seizure, and antibiotics, making it easier to evaluate management options.

Artemis is a web-based solution that offers the same robust data set but in an even more powerful format with additional features. Nurses can scan in a medication vial, and the concentration will automatically populate in Artemis, helping reduce dosage errors. Artemis has management algorithms that link directly to the medications recommended. Nurses can also type in the dose ordered by the physician, and Artemis will calculate the percentage discordance with the weight-based recommendation.

As always, Dr. Broselow's products are intuitive, easy to use, and effective.

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