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Letter to the Editor: Living in Emergistan

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000419528.34517.b1
Letter to the Editor


The first article I always turn to is Second Opinion. The article “The Psychotic, Frantic, Tragic Republic of Emergistan” by Dr. Edwin Leap was truly superb. (EMN 2012;34[5]:13;

I have practiced emergency medicine for more than 31 years, and just today I was trying to explain to a friend what it was like. I wish I could have explained it half as well as Dr. Leap did. I also wish it was required reading for all those who tell us how to practice whether they are government agents, hospital administrators, or executives of practice management groups.

Dr. Leap, please keep up the good work and keep putting in print so eloquently what we all feel. Also know you are truly a missionary doing God's work.

Robert D. Wiele, MD

St. Louis

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