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Letter to the Editor: EP's Wife Now Understands

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000419536.87882.24
Letter to the Editor


I just read Dr. Edwin Leap's article, “The Scars Deep Inside” (EMN 2012;34[7]:5;, and I started to cry. My emergency physician husband of 33 years finally makes sense to me. I finally understand why he calls so often when we are apart. I finally understand why, when I make a five-hour road trip, he seems to know and call the exact minute I arrive at my destination.

I can now appreciate that my husband is simply cognizant of what can go wrong and how often it does. I will stop complaining about his need to confirm that his family is safe.

Thanks, Dr. Leap.

Barb Tice

Medford, OR

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