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Letter: Dr. Leap's ABEM Article ‘Brilliant’

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000411490.22264.46


Dr. Edwin Leap's article, “What is ABEM thinking?” is brilliant. (EMN 2011;33[12]:5; He held no punches, save maybe one: Someone is making a lot of money making us working emergency physicians jump through these hoops.

Here is an idea. What if we, the hard-working dedicated EPs, just say no? Imagine if even 20 percent of us said, “Sorry, done that, no more.” What would happen? Increase that number, and you can fill in the blanks.

I am emergency medicine-trained and board certified, I have even recertified once, and I work at a busy ED with 50,000 visits per year. My hospital is certified, it has a quality control system in place for overseeing doctors, and I do CME as required. More tests are not the answer; more hoops are not the answer. Seasoned emergency physicians are going to stop practicing earlier because of all these requirements.

Thank you, Dr. Leap, for your honesty and clarity.

Paul Alagna, MD

Glens Falls, NY

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