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The Career Opportunity Spring Fling!

Katz, Barbara

doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000368079.00520.0c
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For those of you who just couldn't get your heads wrapped around job searching this past fall, do not despair. It turns out the job market is going to be unusually strong again in the next few months, a spring fling of opportunity, if you will. If you want to get a jump on the best jobs, get started now. I asked several regional and national groups what they expect to offer to provide this preview.

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EMP/EPMG reports a new position in a desirable suburb of Pittsburgh and a slot with an award-winning osteopathic emergency medicine residency program in West Virginia. EmCare has new positions in western Massachusetts; Rochester, NH; and Pennsylvania. Speaking of Pennsylvania, there is a job with a newly merged medical center not far from State College with a super base salary, RVU income, and benefits in a top-quality practice environment. The Schumacher Group also has a nice job in the western part of Pennsylvania close to the Youngstown, OH, border.

Look for significant opportunity in Connecticut and Massachusetts, including the Boston area, a good variety in New Hampshire, and primarily rural opportunities in Vermont and Maine. New York will continue to be a hotbed of opportunity, but the quality runs the gamut so be detailed in your search parameters.

Expect some good slots out of TeamHealth in New York and New Jersey as well as good incentives for an upcoming Wilkes-Barre, PA, spot. There are a few Philadelphia-region spots still being worked on, especially academic appointments. I didn't see any significant activity in either Maryland or the surrounding areas of metro Washington, D.C.

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The Southeast will be hopping, especially if you are a Crimson Tide fan. Alabama is first in opportunity. Look for strong potential through the Schumacher Group in the Athens region and a democratic group of hospital independent contractors in the southeast close to the Florida panhandle beaches with high income and top quality practice environment. Florida will be open to you via EmCare as well as the Schumacher Group with RVU-based income in Fort Pierce and a slot in Cypress Gardens, the Water Skiing Capital of the World.

If you are interested in the Miami area, TeamHealth is the one to tap with spots there and in Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, and Orlando, most providing good pay structures and incentives. Premier Health Care Services will be seeking physicians in West Virginia, including an academic faculty slot. Georgia will have some new opportunity, but look for it outside of Atlanta. EMP/EPMG will feature strong opportunity in the Charlotte area of North Carolina and also with a large volume facility on the North Carolina coast. EmCare will offer opportunity in Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

There is a nice democratic private group in western Virginia that will be adding to staff, and some slots in the south-central part of the state near the North Carolina border via Schumacher Group. Schumacher is also the one to contact for spots in Mississippi, and they will be featuring a high-income position near Tupelo. Schumacher is big in Louisiana where they dominate from Baton Rouge down to New Orleans. There is a nice collection of small, regional democratic groups in the Greenville, SC, region that are definitely worth checking. Once again, start exploring the major web sites listed below on a weekly basis for new spots. CEP America is working toward finalizing some great new contracts in the greater Atlanta region. Finally, Tennessee via TeamHealth will have nice positions in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville. If you like your lifestyle with a great deal of sand, check with TeamHealth about their spot on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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Pacific Northwest

The Northwest Emergency Physicians division of TeamHealth leads the Washington-Oregon opportunity list with activity in the tri-cities area of Washington and a new facility under construction in Enumclaw. CEP America is looking at potential growth within the Oregon sector, and Schumacher Group is hiring at a few Washington sites at very competitive rates. Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado remain sparse with mostly rural openings.

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If you're interested in California, begin with CEP America's strong recruitment activities in northern California, the Sacramento area, and the Central Valley. EmCare also will have several opportunities throughout the state, primarily inland. The other big player in the California market is TeamHealth West, with a great opportunity in the Fairfield region at a fairly new facility. EMP/ EPMG is recruiting in Sacramento as well, with moderate volume facilities and a low-volume slot in the old gold rush town of San Andreas.

If Arizona is more to your taste, EMP/EPMG is recruiting for a community hospital in the west near Bullhead City. The rest of the Southwest is pretty sparse with mostly lower volume and rural sites. Then there's Texas! Once again, the state will be rife with opportunity. CEP America reports heavy recruiting in the northeast; EmCare is concentrating its efforts in Corpus Christie, El Paso, and Amarillo; TeamHealth is staffing primarily in Houston, and the Schumacher Group is all over the state with a few hot spots like Beaumont as well as Laredo and Port Arthur. A small regional group called Affilion also will be hiring in the greater Houston and College Station regions. Texas searchers need to check the web sites regularly to find the best opportunity. Oklahoma has jobs via EMP/EPMG in the Tulsa area, and Schumacher Group has a spot in Roswell, NM, that looks good.

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Wisconsin was a hot spot this fall, but the top jobs in the southern part of the state, particularly around Madison and Milwaukee are long gone. Look for some new slots in the northern and western parts of the state. Ohio remains a strong area for opportunity with Premier Health Care Services opening new jobs in Cincinnati and much of the southern part of the state. EMP/EPMG is seeking some strong doctors in Akron and the suburbs as well as in Columbus and Cleveland. Also staffing the Cleveland area is the Midwest branch of TeamHealth, while also providing opportunity in Cincinnati, Athens, Ashtabula, and Marietta. There's a nice independent contractor group with high RVU incomes also hiring in the Cleveland area. Around Chicago, check CEP America for two new contracts in the city, and EMP/EPMG for new jobs in the southern part of Chicagoland.

Premier Health Care also will be staffing in the Omaha, NE, region while EmCare will be all around the Midwest. The Schumacher Group will be working smaller community facilities in both Missouri and Kentucky. There's a nice faculty spot up in Saginaw via Synergy, and several Michigan democratic groups will be looking for good physicians as well. Minnesota and the Dakotas look to be a bit thin, but Missouri, including a few spots around Kansas City and St. Louis, may be of interest. Kansas on the whole will be sparse.

Thanks to the groups that participated in this fling into spring. The emergency medicine job market will be hot, but there's plenty of opportunity to go around. Use the contact information here or check out Also worth searching is ACEP's Career Central and AAEM's job bank (though you have to be a member to access it). Or you could just turn a page, and check the classifieds right here. Happy hunting!

Ms. Katz

Ms. Katz

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