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Religion and Science Like Oil and Water

Lareau, Thomas MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000359182.83230.b7


    It's a sad thing that physicians who on one hand try to practice evidenced-based medicine on the other are able to hold archaic, primitive beliefs unfounded in reality. (“Prayer, Faith, and Love in the ED,” [letter] EMN 2009;31[4]:21, in response to “A Stocking Full of Truth,” [Edwin Leap, MD] EMN 2008;30[12]:15.)

    The Bible is not always true. To contend that this is so is to look at life with blinders. There is no question that love, compassion, and caring play a major role in our profession. Religion of whatever variety and science are like oil and water. Keep them separate. Belief in imaginary beings of any kind should not encumber or influence the objective practice of medicine.

    Thomas Lareau, MD

    Wakefield, MA

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