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TASER Use is ‘Organized Bullying’

Pearson, Sam S. MD

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doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000316450.81625.5a


    I wish Dr. Jeffrey Ho's disclosure statement with his viewpoint was in the first paragraph. (“Rhetoric vs. Reality,” EMN 2008;30[2]:4.)

    Coming from the birthplace of “excited delirium,” (I believe the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County medical examiner and EMS director coined this non-medical term after some in-custody deaths) and working in an environment with a much more diverse population (and therefore proportionally more TASER use/experience) than northern Minnesota and having no financial conflicts of interest, I feel I can comment.

    I have always found excessive use of force by the constabulary necessitating ED treatments counterproductive at best, more often just organized bullying. The “tasercution” death of the intoxicated son of a local songwriter at a Nashville nightclub while running nude (i.e., by definition, unarmed) from the authorities hit home especially hard. Remember, when it happens to you or someone you know, the complication rate becomes 100 percent.

    Finally, doctors in law enforcement: Isn't that kind of like the hen guarding the fox den or perhaps being the company doctor for Brown and Williamson Tobacco?

    That being said, I still don't intend to sell my Barrett Firearms and Altria stock!

    Sam S. Pearson, MD

    Oak Hill, TN

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