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The perioperative challenge of umbilical hernias management in chronic liver disease: a multicentric comparative study

Khedr, Ehab M.; Awad, Selmy S.; Asiri, Majed; More

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Fate of minor lower limb varicosities after Endovenous Thermal Ablation in patients with lower limb Varicose veins with incompetent Sapheno-femoral Junction

Fathy, Ahmed Khalaf; Hussein, Emad El-din Ahmed; Ismail, Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed; More

Original article

Stone density and skin-to-stone distance in noncontrast computed tomography as prognostic indicators for the success of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in ureteral stone disease

ElMoazen, Mohamed; ElShafei, Ahmed M.; Abdallah, Hany M.; More

Original article

Small bowel bacterial overgrowth following laparoscopic one-anastomosis gastric bypass: a prospective study based on small bowel aspiration and culture

Shenouda, Michael M.; Nabil, Tamer M.; Mikhail, Sameh; More