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The Egyptian Journal of Critical Care Medicine is the official Journal of the Egyptian College of Critical Care Physicians, the most authoritative organization of Egyptian physicians involved in the multi-professional field of critical care medicine.

The journal is intended to provide a peer-reviewed source for multidisciplinary coverage of general acute and intensive care medicine and its various subcategories including cardiac, pulmonary, neuro, renal as well as post-operative care.

The journal is proud to have an international multi-professional editorial board in the broad field of critical care that will assist in publishing promising research and breakthrough reports that lead to better patients care in life threatening conditions and bring the reader a quick access to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in monitoring and management of critically ill patients.


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Michael Richards


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Erika Fedell

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Michael Richards, Publisher
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Editor in Chief
Sherif Mokhtar
Professor of Cardiology
Cairo University

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Dr.Tamer Salah Fahmy

Faculty of Medicine

Cairo University