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March 2020 - Volume 37 - Issue 3
pp: 159-257

Fibrinolytic shutdown diagnosed with rotational thromboelastometry represents a moderate form of coagulopathy associated with transfusion requirement and mortality: A retrospective analysis

David, Jean-Stephane; Lambert, Aline; Bouzat, Pierre; More

European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 37(3):170-179, March 2020.

Evaluation of autologous retransfusion from a closed suction drainage system for patient blood management in elective total hip and knee replacement: A two cohort study

Mayer-Rollnik, Sebastian; Harms, Christoph; Bernasconi, Luca; More

European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 37(3):180-186, March 2020.

Spontaneous recovery of neuromuscular blockade is an independent risk factor for postoperative pulmonary complications after abdominal surgery: A secondary analysis

Garutti, Ignacio; Errando, Carlos L.; Mazzinari, Guido; More

European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 37(3):203-211, March 2020.

Synergistic effect of the association between lidocaine and magnesium sulfate on peri-operative pain after mastectomy: A randomised, double-blind trial

Mendonça, Fabricio T.; Pellizzaro, Douglas; Grossi, Breno J.; More

European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 37(3):224-234, March 2020.