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April 2011 - Volume 28 - Issue 4
pp: 231-311

Influence of CYP3A5*3 polymorphism and interaction between CYP3A5*3 and CYP3A4*1G polymorphisms on post-operative fentanyl analgesia in Chinese patients undergoing gynaecological surgery

Zhang, Wei; Yuan, Jing-Jing; Kan, Quan-Cheng; More

European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 28(4):245-250, April 2011.

Comparison of the therapeutic effectiveness of a dantrolene sodium solution and a novel nanocrystalline suspension of dantrolene sodium in malignant hyperthermia normal and susceptible pigs

Schütte, Jan K; Becker, Sandra; Burmester, Sascha; More

European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 28(4):256-264, April 2011.

Current approach to the haemodynamic management of septic shock patients in European intensive care units: a cross-sectional, self-reported questionnaire-based survey

Torgersen, Christian; Dünser, Martin W; Schmittinger, Christian A; More

European Journal of Anaesthesiology. 28(4):284-290, April 2011.