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European Journal of Anaesthesiology: June 2004 - Volume 21 - Issue - p 1
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The abstract supplement to EACTA 2004 has a different appearance this year, and for a very good reason. The supplement represents the first issue of the European Journal of Anaesthesiology supplement in cardiothoracic anaesthesia, and this in turn signifies an even closer relationship between the European Journal of Anaesthesiology (EJA) and the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiologists.

Initially, we intend to produce four issues of the supplement each. One issue will continue to contain the peer-reviewed abstracts of the EACTA annual scientific meeting. These abstracts will also be published on the web at in the normal manner. In future years, we expect to have additional material in the abstract issue. The remaining three issues will contain scientific and educational material relevant to cardiothoracic anaesthesia, including peer-review articles, special articles and reviews, editorials and other regular features. We believe that by providing this supplement to EACTA members and others we are able to continue to develop our educational services in cardiothoracic anaesthesia, for the benefit of all concerned.

The supplement will have its own editorial board, but will also be subject to the editorial scrutiny of the EJA, thereby ensuring a seamless process of quality control and peer review, and ensuring that the supplement carries the same impact factor as the parent journal.

As with any journal, the editorial board of the supplement together with the publishers will be responsible for organising the content of each issue. The editorial board itself will be drawn from an international panel of distinguished specialists in cardiothoracic anaesthesia and related fields, and we expect to announce the editorial board members shortly.

This is an exciting new collaboration for EACTA and the EJA. We hope we can rely on your help and support. EACTA will do its best to ensure that the supplement becomes the premier forum for exchange of information in cardiothoracic anaesthesia in Europe.

Dr Rob Feneck MB BS FESC FRCA President, EACTA

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