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A View From the Head End: Medical Cartoons to Ease the Pain

Parkes, A.*

Author Information
European Journal of Anaesthesiology: April 2006 - Volume 23 - Issue 4 - p 357-357
doi: 10.1017/S0265021506210597
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S. Yentis, TFM Publishing: Shrewsbury, UK, 2003, 128 pp; illustrated, ISBN: 1-903378-42-7; Price £14.95

This is an entertaining collection of cartoons crafted by the pen of Steve Yentis over the past few decades. His drawings range from spontaneous creations scribbled on scraps of paper in-between cases, to more formal drawings which have previously complemented some of the author’s other publications. The sketches are presented in their original ‘warts-and-all’ form, which has preserved a degree of spontaneity in the cartoons, and certainly adds to their overall impact and appeal.

Chapters of the book are loosely dedicated to different areas with titles such as ‘Expensive Scare’, ‘Painful Clinics’ or ‘The Wards Zone’ setting the tone for each section.

As one might expect the majority of this humour is of an anaesthetic nature, and almost unfailingly seems to hit the mark. However, anyone working in theatre will find plenty of this gas-related material will make them smile. As such, I feel that this book would find a welcome home on theatre coffee-room tables and in departmental libraries. It would also make an ideal ‘stocking-filler’ for any anaesthetist.

As the author states on the rear cover, ‘exam candidates may well find the book contributes absolutely nothing to their chances of success’. This selection of cartoons however, did provide this successful exam candidate with some much needed light relief from the misery of revision for the final FRCA, and as such comes highly recommended!

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