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Implementation of an ICU Data Management System by using the standard Hospital Information System SAP R/3: A-137

Moosbauer, W.; Winkler, P.; Brandstetter, D.; Gombotz, H.

European Journal of Anaesthesiology: May 2005 - Volume 22 - Issue - p 38
Ambulatory Anaesthesia

Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, General Hospital Linz, Linz, Austria

Background and Goal of Study: Information technology (IT) may help to support organisational and medical ICU processes. However, available PDMS's are expensive, and there full integration into the standard Hospital Information System may be difficult. Our aim was to create an inhouse developed cost-effective IT system based on SAP R/3 (Walldorf, Germany).

Materials and Methods: Programming was focussed on clear and consistent documentation, concentration on critical data sets necessary for medical decisions, support of medical and organisational processes and generation of patients' records and outcome data. Various documents were generated to obtain structured informations from the operating theatre, preoperative clinic, emergency room and concomitant specialities in order to assist risk management and to individualise ICU treatment (Fig 1).

Figure 1.

Figure 1.

Results and Discussions: Developement of this system by one computer engineer and two ICU-doctors took one year. After a test period of two weeks its application was fully implemented. In the first four months more than 600 patients were mangaged by using this system. As the same interface as with SAP was used the system was widely accepted by the entire ICU staff.

Conclusion(s): An in-house developed ICU-data-system based on SAP R/3 may be an adequate and cost-effective tool for ICU data management.

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