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Are patients in Croatia as satisfied with anaesthesia service as elsewhere?: A-36

Goranovic, T.; Vitkovic, B.; Savic, S.; Milic, M.; Gasparovic, S.

European Journal of Anaesthesiology: May 2005 - Volume 22 - Issue - p 10
Evidence Based Practice and Quality Assurance

Department of Anaesthesiology, Clinica Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia

Background and Goal of Study: Published papers on patient satisfaction with anaesthesia service reported high levels of patient satisfaction (1). However, all of these studies came from high developed countries. Croatia belongs to the group of developing countries so we wanted to find out the level of patient satisfaction with anaesthesia service in Croatian hospital settings and compare it with the published results (2,3). We hypothesized that the level of country's economic development is a predictor of satisfaction with anaesthesia.

Materials and Methods: We studied 220 consecutive patients having elective surgery during a 2-month period. Perioperative variables were gathered and patient satisfaction was assessed using our own developed questionnaire completed by the patient within 24 h of surgery. For the collection of perioperative data, written informed consent was not required by the ethic committee. Patient written informed consent was obtained for the postoperative questionnaire.

Results and Discussions:Table shows our results compared to published papers.



Conclusion(s): Patients in Croatian hospital settings are as satisfied with the delivery of anaesthesia care as the patients in high developed countries. Country's economic status has no impact on patient satisfaction with anaesthesia.

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