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Resuscitation in Pregnancy: A Practical Approach

Broadfield, J. B.

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European Journal of Anaesthesiology: September 2003 - Volume 20 - Issue 9 - p 760
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Resuscitation in Pregnancy: A Practical Approach

P. Jevon, M. Raby

Books for Midwives: Oxford, UK, 2001, 122 pp; illustrated; indexed

ISBN: 0-7506-4457-5; Price £14.99

The title of this little book possibly understates its content. As stated in the Preface, it provides a comprehensive guide to resuscitation in pregnancy. The book is clearly and logically set out. It has the learning objectives clearly displayed in the modern bulleted format at the beginning of each chapter. As the Preface states, 'cardiopulmonary arrest in pregnancy is uncommon, occurring once in every 30 000 late pregnancies ... survival from such an event is exceptional'. This means many midwives in Europe, fortunately, will not witness such an event. However, if this book has been read and understood, it will be a great help if a cardiopulmonary arrest does happen. It should also help in prevention as there are many sections that clarify early recognition of potentially dangerous situations leading to cardiopulmonary arrest. The book discusses causes of maternal death, physiological changes of pregnancy, management of the arrest through to the management of a death, including aspects pertaining to the patient, relatives and the law. Because of this wide perspective, Resuscitation in Pregnancy would also be of value to doctors embarking on a career in both obstetrics and obstetric anaesthesia. The text includes useful UK addresses for reporting events, locating resuscitation courses and other relevant information.

J. B. Broadfield

London, UK

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