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Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice


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European Journal of Anaesthesiology (EJA): November 2000 - Volume 17 - Issue 11 - p 714
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Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice; ANN DAVEY and COLIN S. INCE (eds); Greenwich Medical Media Ltd: London, UK, 2000. Price £29.50, 329 pp. (incl. appendices), indexed; illustrated.

This book has been well conceived, planned and presented. The breadth of its coverage surpasses that of the current 'Bible' for ODP training (Understanding Anaesthesia by Carrie, Simpson and Popat) and it breaks new ground in terms of the material that is presented. This is in keeping with the diversity of its intended readership ('the generic theatre worker, be they nurse or anaesthetic assistant'). The sections about which do I know something as an anaesthetist (physiology, scientific principles of equipment and instrumentation, anaesthetic practice, emergency medicine) are clearly and concisely described in more than adequate depth and detail. I was considerably educated by the sections about which I know less than perhaps I should (ethics, the law, infection control, dressings and suture materials). I lent it to two experienced ODPs who are both involved in training and teaching, and retrieved it (with some difficulty) along with their comments. They both enthused, both commenting that they would use it as a reference work to consolidate their own training as well as recommending it to their trainees as a standard text. I shall include it in my suggestions for further reading for those undergraduate medical students who wish to widen their knowledge of operating department practice.


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