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ECT Remission Rates in Psychotic Versus Nonpsychotic Depressed Patients: A Report from CORE

Petrides, Georgios; Fink, Max; Husain, Mustafa M.; More

The Journal of ECT. 17(4):244-253, December 2001.

Exposure Therapy and Simultaneous Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Controlled Pilot Trial for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Fryml, Leah D.; Pelic, Christopher G.; Acierno, Ron; More

The Journal of ECT. 35(1):53-60, March 2019.

Management of Emergency Electroconvulsive Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit for Life-Threatening Psychiatric Conditions: A Case Series

Bulteau, Samuel; Laforgue, Edouard-Jules; Chimot, Loïc; More

The Journal of ECT. 34(1):55-59, March 2018.

Depressive Symptom Dimensions in Treatment-Resistant Major Depression and Their Modulation With Electroconvulsive Therapy

Wade, Benjamin S.C.; Hellemann, Gerhard; Espinoza, Randall T.; More

The Journal of ECT. 36(2):123-129, June 2020.