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Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment Accurately Measures Cognition in Patients Undergoing Electroconvulsive Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder

Hollinger, Kristen R.; Woods, Steven R.; Adams-Clark, Alexis; More

The Journal of ECT. 34(1):14-20, March 2018.

Microarray Analysis of Human Blood During Electroconvulsive Therapy

Kaneko, Takao; Kanazawa, Tetsufumi; Nishiguchi, Masaki; More

The Journal of ECT. 31(4):234-237, December 2015.

Management of Emergency Electroconvulsive Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit for Life-Threatening Psychiatric Conditions: A Case Series

Bulteau, Samuel; Laforgue, Edouard-Jules; Chimot, Loïc; More

The Journal of ECT. 34(1):55-59, March 2018.

The Clinical Alliance and Research in Electroconvulsive Therapy Network: An Australian Initiative for Improving Service Delivery of Electroconvulsive Therapy

Martin, Donel M.; Gálvez, Verònica; Lauf, Shani; More

The Journal of ECT. 34(1):7-13, March 2018.

Two Versus One High-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Session per Day for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Randomized Sham-Controlled Trial

Theleritis, Christos; Sakkas, Pavlos; Paparrigopoulos, Thomas; More

The Journal of ECT. 33(3):190-197, September 2017.

Hippocampal Gray Volumes Increase in Treatment-Resistant Depression Responding to Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Perini, Giulia Ida; Toffanin, Tommaso; Pigato, Giorgio; More

The Journal of ECT. 33(3):160-166, September 2017.

Effectiveness of Electroconvulsive Therapy and Associated Cognitive Change in Schizophrenia: A Naturalistic, Comparative Study of Treating Schizophrenia With Electroconvulsive...

Tor, Phern-Chern; Ying, Jiangbo; Ho, New Fei; More

The Journal of ECT. 33(4):272-277, December 2017.

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