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July/August 2020 - Volume 41 - Issue 4
pp: 693-1056

Assessing the Effect of Middle Ear Effusions on Wideband Acoustic Immittance Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Won, Jungeun; Monroy, Guillermo L.; Huang, Pin-Chieh; More

Ear and Hearing. 41(4):811-824, July/August 2020.

Relationship Between Speech Recognition in Quiet and Noise and Fitting Parameters, Impedances and ECAP Thresholds in Adult Cochlear Implant Users

de Graaff, Feike; Lissenberg-Witte, Birgit I.; Kaandorp, Marre W.; More

Ear and Hearing. 41(4):935-947, July/August 2020.