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May/June 2015 - Volume 36 - Issue 3
pp: 289-379,e62-e137

Acoustically Evoked Auditory Change Complex in Children With Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: A Potential Objective Tool for Identifying Cochlear Implant Candidates

He, Shuman; Grose, John H.; Teagle, Holly F. B.; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):289-301, May/June 2015.

Childhood Otitis Media: A Cohort Study With 30-Year Follow-Up of Hearing (The HUNT Study)

Aarhus, Lisa; Tambs, Kristian; Kvestad, Ellen; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):302-308, May/June 2015.

The Impact of Degree of Hearing Loss on Auditory Brainstem Response Predictions of Behavioral Thresholds

McCreery, Ryan W.; Kaminski, Jan; Beauchaine, Kathryn; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):309-319, May/June 2015.

Transient and Steady State Auditory Responses With Direct Acoustic Cochlear Stimulation

Verhaert, Nicolas; Hofmann, Michael; Wouters, Jan

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):320-329, May/June 2015.

Isolating Informational Masking in Both Pure and Complex Tone Sequences

Calcus, Axelle; Agus, Trevor; Kolinsky, Régine; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):330-337, May/June 2015.

Clinical Outcomes for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients Experiencing Loss of Usable Acoustic Hearing in the Implanted Ear

Plant, Kerrie L.; van Hoesel, Richard J. M.; McDermott, Hugh J.; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):338-356, May/June 2015.

Application of Noise Reduction Algorithm ClearVoice in Cochlear Implant Processing: Effects on Noise Tolerance and Speech Intelligibility in Noise in Relation to Spectral Resolution

Dingemanse, J. Gertjan; Goedegebure, André

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):357-367, May/June 2015.

Auditory Brainstem Implant: Electrophysiologic Responses and Subject Perception

Herrmann, Barbara S.; Brown, M. Christian; Eddington, Donald K.; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):368-376, May/June 2015.

Effects of Interaural Pitch Matching and Auditory Image Centering on Binaural Sensitivity in Cochlear Implant Users

Kan, Alan; Litovsky, Ruth Y.; Goupell, Matthew J.

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e62-e68, May/June 2015.

Incidence Rates of Clinically Significant Tinnitus: 10-Year Trend From a Cohort Study in England

Martinez, Carlos; Wallenhorst, Christopher; McFerran, Don; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e69-e75, May/June 2015.

Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation Modulates Tinnitus-Related Beta- and Gamma-Band Activity

Hyvärinen, Petteri; Yrttiaho, Santeri; Lehtimäki, Jarmo; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e76-e85, May/June 2015.

The Prevalence of Notched Audiograms in a Cross-Sectional Study of 12,055 Railway Workers

Lie, Arve; Skogstad, Marit; Johnsen, Torstein Seip; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e86-e92, May/June 2015.

Cochlear Implantation Improves Localization Ability in Patients With Unilateral Deafness

Távora-Vieira, Dayse; De Ceulaer, Geert; Govaerts, Paul J.; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e93-e98, May/June 2015.

Trimodal Speech Perception: How Residual Acoustic Hearing Supplements Cochlear-Implant Consonant Recognition in the Presence of Visual Cues

Sheffield, Benjamin M.; Schuchman, Gerald; Bernstein, Joshua G. W.

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e99-e112, May/June 2015.

Examining the Impact of Cochlear Implantation on the Early Gross Motor Development of Children With a Hearing Loss

De Kegel, Alexandra; Maes, Leen; Van Waelvelde, Hilde; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e113-e121, May/June 2015.

Associations of Leg Length, Trunk Length, and Total Adult Height With Ménière’s: Cross-Sectional Analysis in the UK Biobank

Tyrrell, Jessica S.; Taylor, Mark S.; Whinney, David; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e122-e128, May/June 2015.

Deterioration of Speech Recognition Ability Over a Period of 5 Years in Adults Ages 18 to 70 Years: Results of the Dutch Online Speech-in-Noise Test

Stam, Mariska; Smits, Cas; Twisk, Jos W. R.; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):e129-e137, May/June 2015.

The Electrically Evoked Cortical Auditory Event-Related Potential in Children With Auditory Brainstem Implants

He, Shuman; Teagle, Holly F. B.; Ewend, Matthew; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(3):377-379, May/June 2015.