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January/February 2014 - Volume 35 - Issue 1
pp: 1-137,e1-e20

Predicting the Type of Hearing Loss Using Click Auditory Brainstem Response in Babies Referred From Newborn Hearing Screening

Baldwin, Margaret; Watkin, Peter

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):1-9, January/February 2014.

Mild Bilateral and Unilateral Hearing Loss in Childhood: A 20-Year View of Hearing Characteristics, and Audiologic Practices Before and After Newborn Hearing Screening

Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth M.; Whittingham, JoAnne; Durieux-Smith, Andrée

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):10-18, January/February 2014.

Perceptions of Age and Brain in Relation to Hearing Help-Seeking and Rehabilitation

Preminger, Jill E.; Laplante-Lévesque, Ariane

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):19-29, January/February 2014.

Effects of Site-Specific Level Adjustments on Speech Recognition With Cochlear Implants

Zhou, Ning; Pfingst, Bryan E.

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):30-40, January/February 2014.

Mitigation of Informational Masking in Individuals With Single-Sided Deafness by Integrated Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

May, Bradford J.; Bowditch, Stephen; Liu, Yinda; More

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):41-48, January/February 2014.

A Technique for Estimating the Occlusion Effect for Frequencies Below 125 Hz

Stone, Michael A.; Paul, Anna M.; Axon, Patrick; More

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):49-55, January/February 2014.

Cochlear Function Among HIV-Seropositive and HIV-Seronegative Men and Women

Torre, Peter III; Hoffman, Howard J.; Springer, Gayle; More

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):56-62, January/February 2014.

Effective Masking Levels for 500 and 2000 Hz Bone Conduction Auditory Steady State Responses in Infants and Adults With Normal Hearing

Small, Susan A.; Smyth, Aisling; Leon, Griselle

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):63-71, January/February 2014.

Spatial Separation Benefit for Unaided and Aided Listening

Ahlstrom, Jayne B.; Horwitz, Amy R.; Dubno, Judy R.

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):72-85, January/February 2014.

Exchange Rates for Intermittent and Fluctuating Occupational Noise: A Systematic Review of Studies of Human Permanent Threshold Shift

Dobie, Robert A.; Clark, William W.

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):86-96, January/February 2014.

Fundamental Frequency Information for Speech Recognition via Bimodal Stimulation: Cochlear Implant in One Ear and Hearing Aid in the Other

Shpak, Talma; Most, Tova; Luntz, Michal

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):97-109, January/February 2014.

Auditory Phenotype of Niemann-Pick Disease, Type C1

King, Kelly A.; Gordon-Salant, Sandra; Yanjanin, Nicole; More

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):110-117, January/February 2014.

Children’s Recognition of Spectrally Degraded Cartoon Voices

van Heugten, Marieke; Volkova, Anna; Trehub, Sandra E.; More

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):118-125, January/February 2014.

Effects of Unilateral Input and Mode of Hearing in the Better Ear: Self-reported Performance Using the Speech, Spatial and Qualities of Hearing Scale

Dwyer, Noël Y.; Firszt, Jill B.; Reeder, Ruth M.

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):126-136, January/February 2014.

Better Hearing With Cochlear Implants: Studies at the Research Triangle Institute

Svirsky, Mario

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):137, January/February 2014.

Identification of Conductive Hearing Loss Using Air Conduction Tests Alone: Reliability and Validity of an Automatic Test Battery

Convery, Elizabeth; Keidser, Gitte; Seeto, Mark; More

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):e1-e8, January/February 2014.

Diversity in Cochlear Morphology and Its Influence on Cochlear Implant Electrode Position

van der Marel, Kim S.; Briaire, Jeroen J.; Wolterbeek, Ron; More

Ear and Hearing. 35(1):e9-e20, January/February 2014.