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May/June 2013 - Volume 34 - Issue 3
pp: 251-384,e28-e37

Working Memory, Age, and Hearing Loss: Susceptibility to Hearing Aid Distortion

Arehart, Kathryn H.; Souza, Pamela; Baca, Rosalinda; More

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):251-260, May/June 2013.

Age-Related Changes in Listening Effort for Various Types of Masker Noises

Desjardins, Jamie L.; Doherty, Karen A.

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):261-272, May/June 2013.

Binaural Benefit With and Without a Bilateral Spectral Mismatch in Acoustic Simulations of Cochlear Implant Processing

Yoon, Yang-Soo; Shin, You-Ree; Fu, Qian-Jie

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):273-279, May/June 2013.

Aging Effects on Detection of Spectral Changes Induced by a Break in Sound Correlation

Qu, Tianshu; Cao, Shuyang; Chen, Xun; More

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):280-287, May/June 2013.

Age and Measurement Time-of-Day Effects on Speech Recognition in Noise

Veneman, Carrie E.; Gordon-Salant, Sandra; Matthews, Lois J.; More

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):288-299, May/June 2013.

Using a Vocoder-Based Frequency-Lowering Method and Spectral Enhancement to Improve Place-of-Articulation Perception for Hearing-Impaired Listeners

Kong, Ying-Yee; Mullangi, Ala

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):300-312, May/June 2013.

Effect of Speaking Rate on Recognition of Synthetic and Natural Speech by Normal-Hearing and Cochlear Implant Listeners

Ji, Caili; Galvin, John J. III; Xu, Anting; More

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):313-323, May/June 2013.

Speech Perception With Combined Electric-Acoustic Stimulation and Bilateral Cochlear Implants in a Multisource Noise Field

Rader, Tobias; Fastl, Hugo; Baumann, Uwe

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):324-332, May/June 2013.

The Effect of Hearing Aid Signal-Processing Schemes on Acceptable Noise Levels: Perception and Prediction

Wu, Yu-Hsiang; Stangl, Elizabeth

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):333-341, May/June 2013.

Factors Affecting Open-Set Word Recognition in Adults With Cochlear Implants

Holden, Laura K.; Finley, Charles C.; Firszt, Jill B.; More

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):342-360, May/June 2013.

Predicting the Degree of Hearing Loss Using Click Auditory Brainstem Response in Babies Referred From Newborn Hearing Screening

Baldwin, Margaret; Watkin, Peter

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):361-369, May/June 2013.

Auditory Threshold Shifts After Glycerol Administration to Patients With Suspected Menière’s Disease: A Retrospective Analysis

Basel, Türker; Lütkenhöner, Bernd

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):370-384, May/June 2013.

A Longitudinal Study of Lexical and Grammar Development in Deaf Italian Children Provided With Early Cochlear Implantation

Chilosi, Anna Maria; Comparini, Alessandro; Scusa, Maria Flora; More

Ear and Hearing. 34(3):e28-e37, May/June 2013.