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February 2010 - Volume 31 - Issue 1
pp: 1-154

Predicting Auditory Nerve Survival Using the Compound Action Potential

Earl, Brian R.; Chertoff, Mark E.

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):7-21, February 2010.

Impact of Visual Cues on Directional Benefit and Preference: Part I—Laboratory Tests

Wu, Yu-Hsiang; Bentler, Ruth A.

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):22-34, February 2010.

Impact of Visual Cues on Directional Benefit and Preference: Part II—Field Tests

Wu, Yu-Hsiang; Bentler, Ruth A.

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):35-46, February 2010.

Development of APHAB Norms for WDRC Hearing Aids and Comparisons with Original Norms

Johnson, Jani A.; Cox, Robyn M.; Alexander, Genevieve C.

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):47-55, February 2010.

Spectral Integration and Bandwidth Effects on Speech Recognition in School-Aged Children and Adults

Mlot, Stefan; Buss, Emily; Hall, Joseph W. III

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):56-62, February 2010.

Information From the Voice Fundamental Frequency (F0) Region Accounts for the Majority of the Benefit When Acoustic Stimulation Is Added to Electric Stimulation

Zhang, Ting; Dorman, Michael F.; Spahr, Anthony J.

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):63-69, February 2010.

Bimodal Hearing Benefit for Speech Recognition with Competing Voice in Cochlear Implant Subject with Normal Hearing in Contralateral Ear

Cullington, Helen E.; Zeng, Fan-Gang

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):70-73, February 2010.

Clinical Test Performance of Distortion-Product Otoacoustic Emissions Using New Stimulus Conditions

Johnson, Tiffany A.; Neely, Stephen T.; Kopun, Judy G.; More

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):74-83, February 2010.

The Effect of Age on the Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration Test, Pseudorandom Rotation Test, Velocity Step Test, Caloric Test, and Vestibular-evoked Myogenic Potential Test

Maes, Leen; Dhooge, Ingeborg; D'haenens, Wendy; More

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):84-94, February 2010.

Performance-Intensity Functions for Normal-Hearing Adults and Children Using Computer-Aided Speech Perception Assessment

McCreery, Ryan; Ito, Rindy; Spratford, Merry; More

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):95-101, February 2010.

Lexical Effects on Spoken-Word Recognition in Children with Normal Hearing

Krull, Vidya; Choi, Sangsook; Kirk, Karen Iler; More

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):102-114, February 2010.

Temporal Resolution in Regions of Normal Hearing and Speech Perception in Noise for Adults with Sloping High-Frequency Hearing Loss

Feng, Yanmei; Yin, Shankai; Kiefte, Michael; More

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):115-125, February 2010.

Highly Variable Population-Based Prevalence Rates of Unilateral Hearing Loss After the Application of Common Case Definitions

Ross, Danielle S.; Visser, Susanna N.; Holstrum, W June; More

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):126-133, February 2010.

Using Evoked Compound Action Potentials to Assess Activation of Electrodes and Predict C-Levels in the Tempo+ Cochlear Implant Speech Processor

Alvarez, Isaac; de la Torre, Angel; Sainz, Manuel; More

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):134-145, February 2010.

Comparison of Real-Ear to Coupler Difference Values in the Right and Left Ear of Hearing Aid Users

Munro, Kevin J.; Howlin, Elaine M.

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):146-150, February 2010.

Resource Reviews

Ear and Hearing. 31(1):151-154, February 2010.