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February 2006 - Volume 27 - Issue 1
pp: 1-92

The Role of Oxidative Stress in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Henderson, Donald; Bielefeld, Eric C.; Harris, Kelly Carney; More

Ear and Hearing. 27(1):1-19, February 2006.

Maturation of Auditory Steady-State Responses in Normal Babies

Rance, Gary; Tomlin, Dani

Ear and Hearing. 27(1):20-29, February 2006.

Development and Evaluation of the Listening in Spatialized Noise Test

Cameron, Sharon; Dillon, Harvey; Newall, Philip

Ear and Hearing. 27(1):30-42, February 2006.

Bilateral Cochlear Implants in Children: Localization Acuity Measured with Minimum Audible Angle

Litovsky, Ruth Y.; Johnstone, Patti M.; Godar, Shelly; More

Ear and Hearing. 27(1):43-59, February 2006.

Using a Combination of Click- and Tone Burst–Evoked Auditory Brain Stem Response Measurements to Estimate Pure-Tone Thresholds

Gorga, Michael P.; Johnson, Tiffany A.; Kaminski, Jan R.; More

Ear and Hearing. 27(1):60-74, February 2006.

Standard and Multifrequency Tympanometric Norms for Caucasian and Chinese Young Adults

Shahnaz, Navid; Davies, Dreena

Ear and Hearing. 27(1):75-90, February 2006.