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October 2005 - Volume 26 - Issue 5
pp: 423-511

Brain Stem Response to Speech: A Biological Marker of Auditory Processing

Johnson, Krista L.; Nicol, Trent G.; Kraus, Nina

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):424-434, October 2005.

Are Cochlear Implant Patients Suffering From Perceptual Dissonance?

Loeb, Gerald E.

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):435-450, October 2005.

Effects of Envelope-Vocoder Processing on F0 Discrimination and Concurrent-Vowel Identification

Qin, Michael K.; Oxenham, Andrew J.

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):451-460, October 2005.

Localization and Speech-Identification Ability of Hearing-Impaired Listeners Using Phase-Preserving Amplification

Drennan, Ward R.; Gatehouse, Stuart; Howell, Patrick; More

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):461-472, October 2005.

Application of Frequency Importance Functions to Directivity for Prediction of Benefit in Uniform Fields

Ricketts, Todd A.; Henry, Paula P.; Hornsby, Benjamin W. Y.

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):473-486, October 2005.

Audiometric Predictions Using Stimulus-Frequency Otoacoustic Emissions and Middle Ear Measurements

Ellison, John C.; Keefe, Douglas H.

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):487-503, October 2005.

Dual Electrode Stimulation Using the Nucleus CI24RE Cochlear Implant: Electrode Impedance and Pitch Ranking Studies

Busby, Peter A.; Plant, Kerrie L.

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):504-511, October 2005.