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April 2005 - Volume 26 - Issue 2
pp: 109-235

Do ‘Auditory Processing’ Tests Measure Auditory Processing in the Elderly?

Humes, Larry E.

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):109-119, April 2005.

Using Multichannel Wide-Dynamic Range Compression in Severely Hearing-Impaired Listeners: Effects on Speech Recognition and Quality

Souza, Pamela E.; Jenstad, Lorienne M.; Folino, Richard

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):120-131, April 2005.

Speech and Language Development in Cognitively Delayed Children With Cochlear Implants

Holt, Rachael Frush; Kirk, Karen Iler

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):132-148, April 2005.

Development of Audiovisual Comprehension Skills in Prelingually Deaf Children With Cochlear Implants

Bergeson, Tonya R.; Pisoni, David B.; Davis, Rebecca A. O.

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):149-164, April 2005.

Effects of Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Personal Hearing Aids on Cortical Event-Related Potential and Behavioral Measures of Speech-Sound Processing

Korczak, Peggy A.; Kurtzberg, Diane; Stapells, David R.

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):165-185, April 2005.

Cochlear Implants and Quality of Life: A Prospective Study

Mo, Birger; Lindbæk, Morten; Harris, Sten

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):186-194, April 2005.

Effects of Low-Pass Noise Masking on Auditory Event-Related Potentials to Speech

Martin, Brett A.; Stapells, David R.

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):195-213, April 2005.

Bottom-Up Driven Speechreading in a Speechreading Expert: The Case of AA (JK023)

Andersson, Ulf; Lidestam, Björn

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):214-224, April 2005.

Tolerable Hearing-Aid Delays: IV. Effects on Subjective Disturbance During Speech Production by Hearing-Impaired Subjects

Stone, Michael A.; Moore, Brian C. J.

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):225-235, April 2005.