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October 2003 - Volume 24 - Issue 5
pp: 351-462

Cochlear Compression: Perceptual Measures and Implications for Normal and Impaired Hearing

Oxenham, Andrew J.; Bacon, Sid P.

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):352-366, October 2003.

Sources and Mechanisms of DPOAE Generation: Implications for the Prediction of Auditory Sensitivity

Shaffer, Lauren A.; Withnell, Robert H.; Dhar, Sumit; More

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):367-379, October 2003.

A Software Tool for Analyzing Multichannel Cochlear Implant Signals

Wai, Kong Lai; Bögli, Hans; Dillier, Norbert

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):380-391, October 2003.

Effects of Presentation Level on Phoneme and Sentence Recognition in Quiet by Cochlear Implant Listeners

Donaldson, Gail S.; Allen, Shanna L.

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):392-405, October 2003.

Efficient Stimuli for Evoking Auditory Steady-State Responses

John, M. S.; Dimitrijevic, A.; Picton, T. W.

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):406-423, October 2003.

Full Time Directional versus User Selectable Microphone Modes in Hearing Aids

Ricketts, Todd; Henry, Paula; Gnewikow, David

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):424-439, October 2003.

GJB2 Mutations in the Swiss Hearing Impaired

Gürtler, Nicolas; Kim, Yuil; Mhatre, Anand; More

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):440-447, October 2003.

Comorbid Auditory Processing Disorder in Developmental Dyslexia

King, Wayne M.; Lombardino, Linda J.; Crandell, Carl C.; More

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):448-456, October 2003.

Adaptation by a Cochlear-Implant Patient to Upward Shifts in the Frequency Representation of Speech

Dorman, Michael F.; Ketten, Darlene

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):457-460, October 2003.

Primate Audition: Ethology and Neurobiology

Gifford, Gordon W. III; Cohen, Yale E.

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):461, October 2003.

Tinnitus: A Self-Management Guide for the Ringing in Your Ears

Sweetow, Robert W.

Ear and Hearing. 24(5):461-462, October 2003.

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Ear and Hearing. 24(5):462, October 2003.