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Validation of a French-Language Version of the Spatial Hearing Questionnaire, Cluster Analysis and Comparison with the Speech, Spatial, and Qualities of Hearing Scale

Moulin, Annie; Richard, Celine

Ear and Hearing. 37(4):412-423, July/August 2016.

Wideband Energy Reflectance Measurements of Ossicular Chain Discontinuity and Repair in Human Temporal Bone

Feeney, M Patrick; Grant, Iain L.; Mills, David M.

Ear and Hearing. 30(4):391-400, August 2009.

Effects of Cerebral Blood Flow and Vessel Conditions on Speech Recognition in Patients With Postlingual Adult Cochlear Implant: Predictable Factors for the Efficacy of Cochlear Implant

Ishino, Takashi; Ragaee, Mahmoud Ali; Maruhashi, Tatsuya; More

Ear and Hearing. 39(3):540-547, May/June 2018.