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Articles by Yvonne S. Sininger

Auditory Development in Early Amplified Children: Factors Influencing Auditory-Based Communication Outcomes in Children with Hearing Loss

Sininger, Yvonne S.; Grimes, Alison; Christensen, Elizabeth

Ear and Hearing. 31(2):166-185, April 2010.

Asymmetry of Temporal Processing in Listeners With Normal Hearing and Unilaterally Deaf Subjects

Sininger, Yvonne S.; de Bode, Stella

Ear and Hearing. 29(2):228-238, April 2008.

Identification of Neonatal Hearing Impairment: Hearing Status at 8 to 12 Months Corrected Age Using a Visual Reinforcement Audiometry Protocol

Widen, Judith E.; Folsom, Richard C.; Cone-Wesson, Barbara; More

Ear and Hearing . 21(5):471-487, October 2000.