Articles by Tom Francart

Comparison of Psychophysical and Physical Measurements of Real Ear to Coupler Differences

Koning, Raphael; Wouters, Jan; Francart, Tom

Ear and Hearing. 36(5):543-549, September/October 2015.

Amplitude Modulation Detection and Speech Recognition in Late-Implanted Prelingually and Postlingually Deafened Cochlear Implant Users

De Ruiter, Anke M.; Debruyne, Joke A.; Chenault, Michelene N.; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(5):557-566, September/October 2015.

Effect of Channel Envelope Synchrony on Interaural Time Difference Sensitivity in Bilateral Cochlear Implant Listeners

Francart, Tom; Lenssen, Anneke; Büchner, Andreas; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(4):e199-e206, July/August 2015.

Psychophysics, Fitting, and Signal Processing for Combined Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Stimulation

Francart, Tom; McDermott, Hugh J.

Ear and Hearing. 34(6):685-700, November/December 2013.