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Articles by Larry E. Humes

Text as a Supplement to Speech in Young and Older Adults

Krull, Vidya; Humes, Larry E.

Ear and Hearing. 37(2):164-176, March/April 2016.

Reconstructing Wholes From Parts: Effects of Modality, Age, and Hearing Loss on Word Recognition

Krull, Vidya; Humes, Larry E.; Kidd, Gary R.

Ear and Hearing. 34(2):e14-e23, March/April 2013.

Development and Efficacy of a Frequent-Word Auditory Training Protocol for Older Adults with Impaired Hearing

Humes, Larry E.; Burk, Matthew H.; Strauser, Lauren E.; More

Ear and Hearing. 30(5):613-627, October 2009.

Classification and Cue Weighting of Multidimensional Stimuli with Speech-like Cues for Young Normal Hearing and Elderly Hearing-impaired Listeners

Wang, Xin; Humes, Larry E.

Ear and Hearing. 29(5):725-745, October 2008.

Effect of Training on Word-Recognition Performance in Noise for Young Normal-Hearing and Older Hearing-Impaired Listeners

Burk, Matthew H.; Humes, Larry E.; Amos, Nathan E.; More

Ear and Hearing. 27(3):263-278, June 2006.

Do ‘Auditory Processing’ Tests Measure Auditory Processing in the Elderly?

Humes, Larry E.

Ear and Hearing. 26(2):109-119, April 2005.

Predictability of Speech-In-Noise Performance from Real Ear Measures of Directional Hearing Aids

Dhar, Sumitrajit; Humes, Larry E.; Calandruccio, Lauren; More

Ear and Hearing. 25(2):147-158, April 2004.

A Comparison of Two Measures of Hearing Aid Satisfaction in a Group of Elderly Hearing Aid Wearers

Humes, Larry E.; Wilson, Dana L.; Humes, Lauren; More

Ear and Hearing. 23(5):422-427, October 2002.

Longitudinal Changes in Hearing Aid Satisfaction and Usage in the Elderly Over a Period of One or Two Years After Hearing Aid Delivery

Humes, Larry E.; Wilson, Dana L.; Barlow, Nancy N.; More

Ear and Hearing. 23(5):428-438, October 2002.