Articles by Kim S. Schairer

Wideband Acoustic Immittance Normative Data: Ethnicity, Gender, Aging, and Instrumentation

Shahnaz, Navid; Feeney, M. Patrick; Schairer, Kim S.

Ear and Hearing. 34:27s-35s, July 2013.

Acoustic Reflex Measurement

Schairer, Kim S.; Feeney, M. Patrick; Sanford, Chris A.

Ear and Hearing. 34:43s-47s, July 2013.

Alternative Ear-Canal Measures Related to Absorbance

Neely, Stephen T.; Stenfelt, Stefan; Schairer, Kim S.

Ear and Hearing. 34:72s-77s, July 2013.

Consensus Statement: Eriksholm Workshop on Wideband Absorbance Measures of the Middle Ear

Feeney, M. Patrick; Hunter, Lisa L.; Kei, Joseph; More

Ear and Hearing. 34:78s-79s, July 2013.