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Articles by John J. Rosowski

The Audiometric and Mechanical Effects of Partial Ossicular Discontinuity

Farahmand, Rosemary B.; Merchant, Gabrielle R.; Lookabaugh, Sarah A.; More

Ear and Hearing. 37(2):206-215, March/April 2016.

An Overview of Wideband Immittance Measurements Techniques and Terminology: You Say Absorbance, I Say Reflectance

Rosowski, John J.; Stenfelt, Stefan; Lilly, David

Ear and Hearing. 34:9s-16s, July 2013.

Assessment of Ear Disorders Using Power Reflectance

Nakajima, Hideko Heidi; Rosowski, John J.; Shahnaz, Navid; More

Ear and Hearing. 34:48s-53s, July 2013.

Factors That Introduce Intrasubject Variability Into Ear-Canal Absorbance Measurements

Voss, Susan E.; Stenfelt, Stefan; Neely, Stephen T.; More

Ear and Hearing. 34:60s-64s, July 2013.

Consensus Statement: Eriksholm Workshop on Wideband Absorbance Measures of the Middle Ear

Feeney, M. Patrick; Hunter, Lisa L.; Kei, Joseph; More

Ear and Hearing. 34:78s-79s, July 2013.

Clinical Utility of Laser-Doppler Vibrometer Measurements in Live Normal and Pathologic Human Ears

Rosowski, John J.; Nakajima, Hideko H.; Merchant, Saumil N.

Ear and Hearing. 29(1):3-19, January 2008.