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Articles by Douglas H. Keefe

Air and Bone Conduction Click and Tone-Burst Auditory Brainstem Thresholds Using Kalman Adaptive Processing in Nonsedated Normal-Hearing Infants

Elsayed, Alaaeldin M.; Hunter, Lisa L.; Keefe, Douglas H.; More

Ear and Hearing. 36(4):471-481, July/August 2015.

Sound-Conduction Effects on Distortion-Product Otoacoustic Emission Screening Outcomes in Newborn Infants: Test Performance of Wideband Acoustic Transfer Functions and 1-kHz Tympanometry

Sanford, Chris A.; Keefe, Douglas H.; Liu, Yi-Wen; More

Ear and Hearing. 30(6):635-652, December 2009.

Audiometric Predictions Using Stimulus-Frequency Otoacoustic Emissions and Middle Ear Measurements

Ellison, John C.; Keefe, Douglas H.

Ear and Hearing. 26(5):487-503, October 2005.

Wideband Reflectance Measures of the Ipsilateral Acoustic Stapedius Reflex Threshold

Feeney, M Patrick; Keefe, Douglas H.; Sanford, Chris A.

Ear and Hearing. 25(5):421-430, October 2004.