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August 2018 - Volume 40 - Issue 4
pp: 383-514

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Methotrexate in Plasma Using Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Electrospray Ionization–Tandem Mass Spectrometry: Necessary After Administration of Glucarpidase in Methotrexate Intoxications

Mulder, Midas B.; Huisman, Ruud; Engels, Frederike K.; More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 40(4):383-385, August 2018.

Survival Time to Biopsy-Proven Acute Rejection and Tacrolimus Adverse Drug Reactions in Pediatric Liver Transplantation

Riva, Natalia; Dip, Marcelo; Halac, Esteban; More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 40(4):401-410, August 2018.

Development of an Abbreviated Mycophenolic Acid Area Under the Time–Concentration Curve for Renal Transplant Patients Under Enteric-Coated Mycophenolate Sodium: A Comparison With Critical Analysis of Available Equations

David-Neto, Elias; Triboni, Ana Heloisa; Ramos, Fernanda; More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 40(4):411-416, August 2018.

Interindividual and Intraindividual Variation of Methylphenidate Concentrations in Serum and Saliva of Patients With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Preiskorn, Joshua; Studer, Sophie; Rauh, Reinhold; More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 40(4):435-442, August 2018.

Development and Validation of an Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for the Concurrent Measurement of Gabapentin, Lamotrigine, Levetiracetam, Monohydroxy Derivative of Oxcarbazepine, and Zonisamide Concentrations in Serum in a Clinical Setting

Palte, Michael J.; Basu, Sankha S.; Dahlin, Jameson L.; More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 40(4):469-476, August 2018.

A Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Assay for Determination of Perampanel and Concomitant Antiepileptic Drugs in the Plasma of Patients With Epilepsy Compared With a Fluorescent HPLC Assay

de Grazia, Ugo; D'Urso, Annachiara; Ranzato, Federica; More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 40(4):477-485, August 2018.

Preliminary Evidence for Enhanced Thymine Absorption: A Putative New Phenotype Associated With Fluoropyrimidine Toxicity in Cancer Patients

Duley, John A.; Ni, Ming; Shannon, Catherine; More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. 40(4):495-502, August 2018.