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Global Consensus Guidelines for the Injection of Diluted and Hyperdiluted Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Skin Tightening

Goldie, Kate; Peeters, Wouter; Alghoul, Mohammed; More

Dermatologic Surgery. 44:S32-S41, November 2018.

Expertise in Head and Neck Cutaneous Reconstructive Surgery

Deng, Min; Higgins, H. William II; Lesiak, Kendra; More

Dermatologic Surgery. 45(6):782-790, June 2019.

Assessing Skin Biopsy Rates for Histologic Findings Indicative of Nonpathological Cutaneous Disease

Solomon, James A.; Oswalt, Michael; Nodzenski, Michael; More

Dermatologic Surgery. 45(5):640-649, May 2019.

Consensus Recommendations for Combined Aesthetic Interventions in the Face Using Botulinum Toxin, Fillers, and Energy-Based Devices

Carruthers, Jean; Burgess, Cheryl; Day, Doris; More

Dermatologic Surgery. 42(5):586-597, May 2016.