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September-October 2008 - Volume 19 - Issue 5
pp: 239-300,E26-E43

Contact Dermatitis Associated with Food: Retrospective Cross-Sectional Analysis of North American Contact Dermatitis Group Data, 2001-2004

Warshaw, Erin M.; Botto, Nina C.; Zug, Kathryn A.; More

Dermatitis. 19(5):252-260, September-October 2008.

Occupation-Related Contact Dermatitis in North American Health Care Workers Referred for Patch Testing: Cross-Sectional Data, 1998 to 2004

Warshaw, Erin M.; Schram, Sarah E.; Maibach, Howard I.; More

Dermatitis. 19(5):261-274, September-October 2008.

Part 2: Meeting: 7. Microbial Superinfections in Atopic Dermatitis

Part 2: Meeting: 8. Itching and Neurological Regulation of Inflammation

Part 2: Meeting: 9. Psychosomatic Aspects, Stress, and Quality of Life (QOL)

Part 2: Meeting: 10. Evidence-Based Treatment

Part 2: Meeting: 11. New Frontiers in Therapy

Effect of Anti-helminthic Treatment on Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm, Allergen Skin Sensitisation, and Immunological Responses: A Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial in Vietnam

Flohr, Carsten; Tuyen, Luc Nguyen; Lewis, Sarah; More

Dermatitis. 19(5):296, September-October 2008.

Part 2: Meeting: 12. Information and Education of Patients: Worldwide Experiences in Quality of Care

Part 2: Meeting: 13. Sponsored Seminar